Equal parts teacher, leader, scientist and problem-solver, Brian is widely known as a gifted business development consultant and personal development mentor. Nicknamed “The Doctor of Innovation,” Brian’s natural leadership, compassion and desire to positively impact others coupled with 25+ years of personal and professional development studies have given him the ability to transform lives.

Brian’s accomplishments include a successful stint as Major Account Executive for Government with Xerox Corporation, and over a decade of business turnaround consulting success for multi-million dollar medium-sized companies nationwide.

He was Director of Marketing for world renowned inspirational guru Tony Robbins for half a decade while also serving as a featured speaker and trainer. Brian’s resultant expertise in the areas of time management and personal development led him to create his own 501(c) 3 non-profit, Evolve You Foundation, which focuses on skill development for at-risk and foster youth. .

An award winning inspirational speaker, Taylor’s unbroken record of successful achievements  has ranged from designing and implementing business development strategies to effective team building, multi-market sales training, organizational change management, human development education, and organizational change.

Brian brings unparalleled freshness and creativity, and unlimited drive to excel to a PRAXIS corporation already dedicated to pushing the limits of excellence.