Who Murdered Lord Lee Durship?

Lord and Lady Lee Durship have invited several quests for a quiet dinner party at their country estate, Waterfall Manor.  From the beginning, it is clear that no one likes Lord Lee Durship – his approach to everything is imperious, commanding, and hierarchical.  He is an anachronism, out of step with the times, and because of his leadership style, his once lucrative company is slowly failing…putting everyone’s financial well being at risk.

Not surprisingly, by the end of the evening, Lord Lee Durship falls victim to Murder Most Foul..

You are brought in to help solve this mystery – who killed Lord Lee Durship, and why?

  • Could it have been his son, Newly Durship?
  • How about his personal physician, Dr. Enno Vashun?
  • Perhaps his solicitor, Khan Eckshun?
  • What about the writer, N. Tegritty?
  • Or even the Butler, Adgylle?

As you work with Scotland Yard’s Inspector Dogged, each “suspect” will teach you a critical cutting edge leadership principle that is essential for thriving in the coming third wave paradigm of public and private governance and commerce – principles which, without a thorough understanding, you too will soon be obsolete…only for real.
Your organization will simply love this innovative, entertaining, but essential “classroom” that will prepare you not only for survival in the new digital marketplace that is already upon us, but for thriving and sustainable success.

At a Glance:

  • One day event that culminates with an optional dinner “reveal”
  • Suitable for up to 200 attendees
  • Each principle “suspect” is a renowned international authority in the field of leadership, project management, or change management
  • Includes three separate presentations on Transformational Project Leadership, the Third Wave approach to leadership and management for the unfolding Digital Age.
  • Guaranteed to help you increase your bottom line, enhance business retention, increase your customer-orientation, and make you sustainable as the Third Wave rolls over traditional leadership models.


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